Botton Case

fabric spirality : knitted fabrics?

what shall be done to avoid the fabric spirality in cotton fabrics. specially i have seen this problem in Washing/Overdyeing garments. The garment seam would come to front side from left side & right side seam moves on the back side of the garment by one inch or more.
what are the precautions that shall be taken while washing/overdyeing garment to avoid such cases. what shall be done to avoid spirality in normal single jersey fabric (circular knitted fabric).
if someone knows… plz advise

Ever see the knitted fabric in a roll shape. cut 2 mtr of fabric, slit it from one side & now freely open the fabric & lay it on table again. now take the edges of fabric & again fold it.. as it was in roll shape.
make sure dials of fabric are straight.
you will see some fabric spirality on the botton side (from where the fabric has not been slitted)
fabric doesn’t stay with line of compactor.
if you have processed the fabric you must have seen it then

The garment was not cut on the straight grain of the fabric before it was sewn, or the thread has shrunk in one direction and the fabric has shrunk in another. You can’t use heat in any part of the process for cotton. Sometimes you can release the stitching and re-sew the seam, but this will result in a smaller garment.

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