Tips For Buying Safes For The Rooms In Your Hotel

Posted on: 5 March 2019

If you're a hotel owner, it's probably important to you to make sure that your guests can keep themselves and their belongings safe when staying in your hotel. One part of this is making sure that you have a safe in each and every hotel room in your hotel. If you're looking for help with buying safes for the rooms in your hotel, these tips will help. Look for Wholesale Pricing [Read More]

What To Do When Locked Out Of Your Car In A Remote Area

Posted on: 30 November 2018

Getting locked out of your car is one thing. Getting locked out in the middle of nowhere is quite another. There won't be fifty people around waiting to help you, and you may not be able to walk to the nearest gas station to wait for help. So, what should you do? Here are some tips. 1. Call a roadside assistance company if you have your phone handy. If your phone is not locked inside the car, you can use it to call a roadside assistance company in the area. [Read More]

Four Types Of Commercial Locks You May Want Installed

Posted on: 15 May 2018

When you own a commercial building, which is essentially any building out of which business is conducted, you want to make it secure. You also want to make everything inside the building secure. You can even make things inside the rooms, inside the building secure. If you really want that much security, you need four types of commercial locks installed by your friendly neighborhood commercial locksmith. Electronic Exterior Door Locks with Built-in Alarms [Read More]

It's An Open And Shut Case: Why You Need To Keep Your Commercial Doors In Good Condition

Posted on: 6 April 2018

If your store has automatic doors, you need to make sure that they're working properly. Malfunctioning doors can be a real problem when you own a business. You might think that you can get away postponing necessary repairs. However, that's a good way to increase the likelihood of additional problems. If you're having trouble with your automatic doors, here are just four of the reasons why you need to have them repaired right away. [Read More]